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Why Influence is Essential for Success in Project Management

Hey, Project Pusher!

Today, we're diving into a skill that can really change the game for you – the power of influencing others.

Fun fact:

90% of project managers agree that conflict resolution and negotiation skills significantly impact project success.

Source: “The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management" by Eric Verzuh

Crazy high, right?

It’s mind-blowing!

Since conflicts are a part of life, you need to learn how to handle them and negotiate to keep your projects on track.

Great project managers do this through influence.

But here's the thing – why is influencing others sometimes so tough?

In some cases, you might not have the trust or credibility you need to positively affect other people.

That’s why to be an effective leader, you must focus on mastering how you talk to people, understand them better, and build stronger relationships.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

We can't do it all alone.

From the days of cavemen persuading fellow tribespeople for survival, the art of influence has always been important.

Today, influence drives projects and professional growth.

Imagine a world where people go above and beyond for you.

They follow your lead and respect you.

In that world, you can get more things done by working with others, not against them.

You can leverage other people’s time and skills to get more of what you want without manipulating or treating anyone poorly.

Here's why you should learn more about influence today:

1. Make Your Ideas Real: Learn to influence, and your ideas won't just stay ideas. You'll have a team that's excited to bring them to life!

2. Tackle Bigger Challenges: With influence, you can handle complex tasks that need a team. You'll inspire people to take actions that help the project and their own goals.

3. Build Stronger Relationships: Mastering influence means making real, meaningful connections. This leads to better relationships and more happiness.

4. Ace Negotiations: Use your influence to make a positive impact in people's lives especially when conflict arises. Get better results from your talks.

5. Boost Your Rep: With high levels of influence, people will vouch for you. You'll climb the career ladder faster and earn respect.

Big achievements rarely happen solo.

Influence is the key to a new future for you.

Without it, you will struggle to lead a team to success and you will fail to make your mark in the professional world.

With influence, you can finish bigger projects and advance in every part of your life.

You don't need to be a smooth talker.

Read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and it will help you tremendously in whatever path you choose!

Let's improve the world together.

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