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Why you should get your Google Project Management Certification

Hey Project Pusher,

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Here's a super cool fact for you:

Did you know that companies will need millions of project managers in a few years?

According to PMI’s most recent Talent Gap report, 2.3 million people will be needed each year to fill project management jobs.

Employment of project management specialists is projected to grow 7 percent from 2023 to 2031.

That's a LOT of work available! 🤓

Being a project manager is like being a superhero.

You can help the world and companies solve big problems.

The need for project managers keeps growing every year.

This means more job opportunities and chances for you to succeed!

Let's talk about this amazing Google Project Management course and certification.

It's like a magical key that can unlock a whole new world of possibilities for you!

With this special certificate, you'll:

  • Gain confidence in your abilities

  • Learn new strategies for time and task management

  • Study from real-life scenarios

  • Understand how to manage complex projects

  • Add new soft skills to your resume

With this certification, you will have more power to take on exciting projects and show off your awesome skills.

The best part is, you can start this journey for FREE by watching all the course content on YouTube.

The time length of all lectures combined is around 18 hours.

It is worth the time investment tenfold.

Next, enroll on Coursera.

You can read my blog post where I give more details on the exact steps and resources I used to pass.

It took me about a week in total to watch the videos, study flashcards, and pass all the quizzes.

It may take you anywhere from a week to three months to finish the requirements to get your certification.

I studied until my brain was exhausted…

It was all worth it!

Once I got that certificate, I felt a rush of energy and confidence.

Now, I have a new mindset on life and what is possible with project management.

It's your turn! 😊 

You can start watching the course lectures here with Part 1 of 2:

Here is a link to the Google Project Management course after you finish watching the videos.

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P.S. I'm on to the next mission – studying for the (PMP)® Project Management Professional certification.

Wish me luck, and let's rock this project management journey! 🎸