3 steps to great lead magnets

How to grow your list and attract your ideal reader

Dear friend,

Lead magnets can increase signup rates to 155%. (Sumo)

Have you ever gotten something super cool for free online?

Maybe an e-book or a how-to guide?

That's a lead magnet!

I helped a client in selling his course and building his lead magnet.

He’s a talented designer, husband, and father growing his business.

So, we hopped on a call and I gave him this definition:

A lead magnet is a resource or gift that you offer in exchange for valuable contact information like name and email address.

It's a free or heavily discounted resource that solves a specific problem your ideal reader has.

Think of it like a trade: you give something valuable, and they give you a way to stay in touch.

It can be something you'd normally sell, but you're giving it away for free to show your expertise and build trust.

My client had amazing designs, but the real magic happened with the lead magnet.

After our work together, his magnet was so packed with helpful info that people couldn't wait to grab the full course!

Here's why you should care…

Without a strong lead magnet, you'll be attracting tire-kickers instead of true fans.

This wastes your precious time and you’ll be left with an email list full of crickets when it's time to sell.

A great lead magnet can fix this.

So, today's topic is lead magnets and they come in many formats including:

  • Quiz

  • E-book

  • Webinar

  • Giveaway

  • Template

  • Audio clip

  • Challenge

  • Phone Call

  • Mini-course

  • Cheat sheet

Why are they valuable?

47% of marketers said that video and text-based lead magnets performed best as their opt-in incentives. (GetResponse)

Imagine having a salesperson working for you, even while you sleep!

Lead magnets act like mini-promoters, attracting new people with valuable content.

Your readers get a solution, and you become known as someone who helps.

Investing a few hours in building one can turn into a list of engaged subscribers for years to come.

The payoff is a loyal audience you can nurture and convert into customers.

Here's how to get started:

Step 1. Research

How well can you describe your ideal reader?

Answer the Ideal Reader Questions if you haven't already.

Learn about your ideal reader's biggest challenges and their desired outcome.

Create an Empathy Map to deeply understand the people you want to serve.

Talk to your readers, ask questions, and write down what they say.

Also, check out lead magnets from other creators and businesses in your field.

See what kind of freebies they offer to get people to sign up for their newsletters.

Pay attention to what works.

And think about how you can use those ideas to create your awesome lead magnet.

Do this:

  • Identify the biggest hurdle your ideal reader faces at the start of their journey

  • Talk to your readers – ask questions and listen to their pain points Research your competition's lead magnets

Now, let's build.

Step 2. Build

With so much AI and unoriginal content out there, it's important to create something fresh!

You can copy an idea from a lead magnet you like, but add your twist to make it stand out.

Use my Lead Magnet Cheat Sheet to brainstorm ideas.

It has short and easy tips for making your lead magnet.

How much time it takes to create your lead magnet depends on what format you choose.

Pick the format that best solves the problem your ideal reader faces.

Once you've chosen your magnet type, create a basic version.

This is called a minimum viable product (MVP).

An MVP is like a first draft – it has just enough features to be useful for early users.

With feedback, you can create a better resource.

So, build a lead magnet that’s:

  • Bite-sized with a lot of value

  • Looks great and is fun to use Tells your reader what to do next

Give your magnet a catchy title so people will want to share it with friends!

Test it out before you make it publicly available so you can fix problems and make sure everything works.

Step 3. Distribute

Get the word out!

Tell the people you want to help about your lead magnet.

Be persistent!

The right people will see its value.

Make it easy to get!

Create a landing page where people can exchange their contact details for your magnet.

Or, offer it in your welcome email with a link.

Show them the benefits!

Explain how your lead magnet can help your reader achieve their goals.

You can increase distribution by:

  • Sharing positive feedback from people who’ve benefited

  • Partnering with other creators to cross-promote each other

  • Sending personalized messages on social media promoting your resource

  • Crafting easy-to-share social media posts promoting your magnet's benefits

  • Identifying groups where your ideal readers gather and sharing your resource

The more people who sign up for your lead magnet, the better.

Evaluating Your Performance and Improvement

See how many people get your lead magnet and take action on it.

Follow up with people who complete the resource.

Tip: Check out what others in your field are doing, or try different magnets to see which one gets the most signups.

Remember, what works today might not work in six months.

People's needs change, so keep your lead magnet updated.

Make it easy for people to tell you what they think of your magnet.

Their feedback can help you make it better and give you clues for your next resource.


Lead magnets help you grow your email list with people who want what you offer.

Also, creating lead magnets is a high-income email marketing skill.

Ready to create yours?

Start today with the resources I've shared.

If you have any questions or want some help, reply to this email!

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