Am I ready to start email marketing?

How to send your first email

Hey friend,

Have you ever been energized by the smell of coffee?

I was sitting in a cozy cafe smelling the aroma of the morning roast when I wrote the tweet below:

In the previous email, we talked about the "why" behind email marketing.

Now, let's dive into the "how."

Like coffee, you have to brew the right batch to get good results.

It’s crazy how many people get stuck in the starting phase… actually, it’s understandable.

Everyone has sent an email before.

So email marketing seems simple, right?

Let's be real, starting something new can bring on a lot of pressure.

I remember my own beginning and the pressure I felt in crafting that first email.

It felt like a big deal.

So, here's my message to you now: write your first email.

Sometimes we become perfectionists, especially at the start when we're just trying to establish a new habit.

But remember, it's about getting started and accomplishing that first small win.

As I sipped my coffee and took a bite of my muffin, I realized that there a just a few reasons people struggle to start.

You get a fresh burst of energy once you're done writing your email.

Wouldn't that feel good?

Imagine this…

You’ve written your first email, and you are relaxed quite possibly enjoying your favorite snack.

But you can only get there through learning step by step and that pretty picture won’t be so pretty at first.

That’s how we all start.

Now, let's make this simple, so you don't get overwhelmed by choices.

I've put together a no-nonsense Notion starter guide that covers:

  • How to pick the right Email Service Provider (ESP) for you

  • Insights on getting whitelisted

  • Guidance on writing your first newsletter

  • An explanation of what double opt-in is and why you should use it

  • How to get started for free

Consume the document and follow the steps to write your first email.

It will bring clarity and clear direction to follow.

So, grab the Notion file and decide what works best for you.

Now, it's your chance to get things rolling.

And you know what?

The key at this stage is not to overwhelm yourself or get stuck overplanning.

Do not strive for perfection at the beginning but instead give yourself room to grow.

Remember, you can always refine and improve as you go along.

So download the Notion file and get started on the right foot and not waste any time.

Leaving that cafe, I felt ready to conquer the day.

And I want you to conquer that first email.

Do it!

If you would like some help with your email marketing, let’s chat.

In the next newsletter, we'll dive deeper into writing your first email.

I will show you how to find unlimited ideas to write about so you get rid of the blank page.

There will never be a perfect time, so take action today.

Got any questions?

Feel free to ask.

Talk soon.

Your friend,